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There was a lot of green on the courts for this fun tournament held on St. Patrick’s Day! The day was sunny and warm (actually hot for the final games). Because I was playing, I didn’t get too many pictures so if anyone has some good action shots they’d like to share, please send them to: . Here are a few that I got:

Proof that Dave and I tried hard!
Enjoying some well-earned refreshments


CAL-AM PARKS PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT – February 13, 14, 15th, 2019

This Tournament is now over, after it had to be extended into Saturday, February 16th, because of Mother Nature dumping rain on the courts on Thursday morning.

Here are the results:

Day 1 Men’s Doubles

Bronze – Sunflower Team 1: James Bleavins /Curt Vulgamott

Gold – Sunflower Team 2: Tony Biondi/Bruce Malard

Silver – MRPC: Brad Harding/Clarence Lindbom

Day 2 Mixed Doubles

Bronze – Sunflower Team 1: Melinda Henderson/Curt Vulgamott

Gold – VDO Team 3: Kathy Leys/Jay Brummel             

Silver – CV Team 2: Tara Pedersen/Kent  Pedersen

Day 3 Ladies Doubles

Bronze – GL Team 1: Cathy Breen/Beth Tabor

Gold – Sunflower Team 2: Deena Stallings/Teddi Blaet

Silver – VDO Team1: Gail Stuenkel/Kathy Leys


The Steve Judy 2018 7th Annual Tournament was another success, with our own members claiming a number of medals.

Day One Medal Winners

Men’s Doubles 3.0  Silver: Dan Poole & Timothy Guerra  Gold: Jeff Johnson & Mike Booen  Bronze: Keith Peterson & Brian Taylor

Men’s Doubles 3.5 – Silver: Doug Durant & Dave Kalyn  Gold: Akira Kakizawa & Mustafa Bayoumy  Bronze: Richard Van de Pol & Ron Vrancheff

Men’s Doubles 4.0 – Silver: Lionel Fauchoux & Mike Fauchoux  Gold: Steve Maley & Harold Patterson  Bronze: Rob Turner & Marty Stoner

Men’s Doubles 4.5  Silver: Steve Engel & Dave Anderson  Gold: Don Cantrill & John Edmonds  Bronze: Jeff Whipple & William LaHousse

Men’s Doubles 5.0 Silver: David Overmoyer & Jim Kloss  Gold: Jim Pelletier & Mike Toolson  Bronze: Jerry Lewis & Ron Hunt

Day Two Medal Winners

Mixed Doubles 3.0 Silver: Cindy Sundquist & Gary Wilson Gold: Tracey Yamamoto & Jeff Johnson Bronze: Winona Peterson & Robert Lamb

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Silver: Kathy Thomson & Dave Kalyn  Gold: Ann McGrath & Mike Goings  Bronze: Gayle McDonald & Hugh Fisher

Mixed Doubles 4.0  Silver: Sue Rodke & Steve Maley  Gold: Wanda Morrison & Mike Fauchoux  Bronze: Londa Robinson & Rick Kent (absent for picture)

Mixed Doubles 4.5  Silver: Janice Manders & Bill Brown  Gold: Patti Ivanich & Tim Grant  Bronze: Melanie VanDelden & Bill Reynolds

Mixed Doubles 5.0 Silver: Mary Kozak & David Smith  Gold: Carolyn Stevens & David Overmoyer  Bronze: Jan Yu & Jim Kloss

Day Three Medal Winners

Women’s Doubles 3.0  Silver: Karen Sheean & Darcy Conway  Gold: Winona Peterson & Teri Frerker Bronze: Debi Norris & Angel Lessard

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Silver: Bronagh O’Hagan & Liz Dubisar  Gold: Vicki Booen & Sue Finn  Bronze: Lesley Shaughnessy & Caroline Wehde

Women’s Doubles 4.0 Silver: Vicky Joens & Pat Chansley  Gold: Tammy Sherrill & Kathy DeAngelis  Bronze: Laura McMahan & Sue Rodke

Women’s Doubles 4.5 Polly Bruins & Vicki Enos  Gold: Patti Ivanich & Cyn Armstrong  Bronze: Kristi Russell & Karen Hargrove

Women’s Doubles 5.0 Silver: Mary Kozak & Tammy Kelly  Gold: Carolyn Stevens & Dee Rochel  Bronze: Dex Decker & Ruth Elliott

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