Tournaments 2019/20

3.0 Skill Level (and under) Fun Tourney

Thanks to Greta, Nancy and all volunteers!

3.0 Winners

Gold – Bob Grabe & Kevin (center)

Silver – Julie Zahara & Ed (right)

Bronze – Mike & Sherry Smith (left)

2.5 Winners

Gold – Calvin Jolly & Stan Westerlund (center)

Silver – Debbie & Ron Buckingham (right)

Bronze – Kevin Carver & Brian Gibson (left)

CalAm Tournament 2020

The Winners are:

Day 1, Men:

GOLD – Jay Brumnel & Jerry Johnson – VALLEY DEL ORO

SILVER – Dan Black & John McCoy – SUNFLOWER

BRONZE – Randy Gainski & Barry Solko – CANYON VISTA

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Day 2, Ladies

GOLD – Steph Potvin & Becky Etten

SILVER – Cathy Breen & Beth Tabor

BRONZE – Gail Stuenkel & Kathy Leys

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Day 3, Mixed

GOLD – Liz Dubizar & Barry Trembley

SILVER – Melinda Henderson & Curt Vulgamott

BRONZE – Karen VanRyn & Mike VanRyn

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And here are many random photos that you might find interesting:


Steve Judy Tournament 2019

Day 1: Men’s Doubles

The Winners are!

3.0 Silver Jim Foster and Jp Persiani; Gold Mike Booen and Gene Valocchi; Bronze John Kelly and Manny Chavez 
3.5 Silver Rex Fackrell and Bulldog Smith; Gold Clarence Lindblom and Wayne Hackner; Bronze Brian Taylor and Walks Walker
4.0 Silver Ron Killoran and Jeff Johnson; Gold Faron Hood and Mike Wells; Bronze Sheldon Lessard and Darren Cox (missing from photo)
4.5 Silver Steve Engel and Dave Anderson; Gold Rob Turnbull and Marty Stoner; Bronze Steve Maley and Tim Grant 
5.0 Silver Jerry Lewis and Scott Frank; Gold David Overmoyer-Augie Augsburger; Bronze Preacher Hesje and Dave Woerner

Men’s Doubles Action Shots – Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

Day 2: Mixed Doubles

The Winners are!

3.0 Silver Lori Burgoyne and Dave Burgoyne; Gold Karen Mills and Jp Persiani; Bronze Laurie-Anne Vasey and James Vasey
3.5 Silver Cindy Sundquist and Gary Wilson; Gold Linda Ellis and Greg Kelly; Bronze Kathy McKay and Bill McKay
4.0 Silver Heather Hood and Rob Wagner; Gold Colleen Wolkosky and Mike Wells; Bronze Donna Holick and Grant Boulay
4.5 Silver Malia Pomee and Tommy Roberts; Gold Sue Rodke and Sheldon Lessard; Bronze Diana Brown and Sid Stevens
5.0 Silver Patti Ivanich and Tim Grant; Gold Mary Kozak and David Overmoyer; Bronze Tammy Wright and Jeff Whipple

Mixed Doubles Action Shots – Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

Day 3: Women’s Doubles

The Winners are!

3.0 Silver Shelly Athmann and Colleen Janus; Gold Lorijo Claunch- Jones and Angela Plamondon; Bronze Cindy Salazar and Sandy Zitzke
3.5 Silver Shar Wever and AJ Jamlus; Gold Lacey Burt and Jill Partanen; Bronze Aileen Keifer and Sue Rann
4.0 Silver Marie Wade and Ann McGrath; Gold Beth Chamberlin and Kristi Miller; Bronze Linda Ellis and Leslie Shaughnessy 
4.5 Silver Elaine Gonzales and Sheila Parkinson; Gold Cheese Doolittle and Natasha Thompson ; Bronze Malia Pomee and Barbara Hudson (missing from this picture, but see next one)
4.5 Bronze Malia Pomee and Barbara Hudson . These ladies had to leave before the gold/silver match so we got their picture first.
5.0 Silver Cyn Armstrong and Mary Kozak; Gold Jen Markling and Susan Baze; Bronze Tammy Wright and Janet Wilson

Women’s Action Shots

Just a few of Our Many Great Volunteers – Thank You!