Online Reservation Instructions

Click on the link below to enter the online reservation system for the Mesa Regal Pickleball Club (MRPBC).

Reserve a Court – Click Here

Click on “sign in or register”.  The 1st time in you must register with your First Name, Last Name, site number in the Name Field.  Put in your email address and then your phone number.  Click on “Register”.

An email will be sent to you with a password to get in the first time.  I think you could use that password forever, if you want, but I changed mine.  So, wait for the email.  Click on the link and enter your email id and the password sent to you to sign in.  Click on “change profile’ to change your password or name or phone number.  Make sure you click on “change login info” for it to update your information.

To make your reservation click on “reservation page”.  You will see only 4 courts because those are the only courts that can be reserved.  Click you the start time for the 1st court.  Click the duration (up to 2 hours).  You can only reserve 7 days in advance.  If you need to reserve courts further than 7 days, contact the executive to get it approved.  If it is approved, I will block those courts in advance.  THAT’S IT!!

Also, please remember to clip the “RESERVED” sign on the courts while in use.

PLEASE, PLEASE cancel your reservation, if you don’t need them, so that others can reserve them.

Email Alison Pelletier at   if you have questions.  Or call Alison at 435-659-5627