Online Registration


Membership in the Mesa Regal Pickleball club continues to be free this season, but members must initially create a login and re-register each season. Registration for beginners, or those with no email, can still be done by filling out the paper form that can be found  on the patio at the courts, but this season re-registration can be done online. Once you have a login, you will be able to update your membership information at any time during the season.

Start by creating a new online account with your email & password. Here are the steps listed below:

1. Go to (**be sure to use correct capitals) You can click on this link and go directly to the site to register using your email address

2. Fill in your email address & click the button ‘Click here to create account’

3. An email will be sent to your email account with a temporary password.

4. Check your junk mail if you fail to receive an email with your temporary password.

5. Login with your email address & temporary password.

6. Fill in your new password & confirm your new password.

7. If you were registered last season, your information will appear on the screen.

8. If you were not registered last season, the screen will appear for you to fill out.

9. Add or change any information on the form.

10. Clicking the ‘Submit’ button will complete the registration process for you.

11. If a second membership is attached to the same email, it will appear next

12. Feel free to update any of your membership information online with this address.

Questions or problems, please send an email to

Member Registration Hints & Tips

Like anything new, it takes a while to learn it and getting there has a few hiccups along the way through a transition time. Sorry to anyone who struggled to get their registration or re-registration in the new online system, we continue to tweak it & make adjustments based on your feedback, we have had over 125 members register so far. So that was as great start! Here are some hints and tips if you are encountering challenges with the system.

• you can update your profile at any time in the season, so if your site number, phone number or emergency contact changes you can just update it yourself.

• If you are having difficulties logging in, it is usually because of a typo in the email address or password. Check the message boxes closely to help determine where the typo might be.

• If the message box says an account fails to exist & you have created an account, it is likely a typo in the email address.

• If the message indicates that the password fails to match the email, it is likely the password has a typo in it, re-type it, keeping in mind that all passwords are case sensitive. If it still fails, reset your password, with an email to your email with a temporary password.

• Give the email systems a few minutes (10~15) to send you the email, some email providers take longer than others to push or receive emails. If the email still has failed to arrive, check your junk/spam email as it might be found in those folders.

• Pickleball ratings are only valid for MRPBC ratings or USAPA ratings, if your rating has been done by anyone else, you will need to be re-rated.

• Your membership year, is calculated automatically by the system as being the year on last years registration or this year if you are currently registering for the first time. Feel free to report any errors in your member year field.

• If a gender field is not entered, your profile will fail to be included in any searches for gender specific programs!

• IF the ‘Submit’ or ‘Update’ button is not clicked, no information was added or changed, think of it like a piece of paper, you can fill it out as much as you want but if you fail to click the button, the information goes nowhere and is never retained, so click that button after any changes or if you are registering for the first time.

• If you encounter any issues with the registration process, please feel free to send an email to, we will help you through the process.

Let’s all give it a try, save some trees and save some time and have less transposition errors.