Court Flooding

No Pickleball This Weekend!

It’s another rainy day in Paradise! The Pickleball courts are already flooding, so there isn’t much chance that they will be dry anytime soon. Rather than inundating everyone with emails, I will post updates on the Facebook Page – Mesa Regal Pickleball and Hiking, and on the Mesa Pickleball website. When there is a need for help cleaning the courts once they are emptied, I’ll send out the request only to those who have indicated on their membership forms that they are willing to help. If you haven’t done that but have heard from a friend that it is happening and would like to help, feel free to join them.

The Pickleball/Tennis Fun Day has been postponed to Sunday, March 1st. See Home Page under Events for more details.

Recent MRPC Member Medals

Congratulations to the following MRPC medal winners:

Sunland Springs Village

Men’s Doubles 4.5 – Lionel & Mike Fauchoux – BRONZE

Leisure World

Women’s Doubles 3.5 – Jan Dwan – BRONZE

Men’s Doubles 4.0 – Mike Fauchoux & Jim Lewis – SILVER

Mesa Grand Slam

Men’s Singles 4.0 60+ – Harold Patterson – GOLD

2020 Board Election

Nominations are over and there will be no need for an election this year! We had three accepted nominations to fill the three seats that will be vacated at the end of March.

Congratulations to Colleen Janus, Harold Patterson and Clarence Lindblom, and welcome the Mesa Regal Pickleball Club Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 Season!

Tournament Medals for MRPC Players

2nd Annual UPTR Tournament

  • Gold: Jim Lewis and Brad Athmann
  • Silver: Lionel Fauchoux and Clarence Lindblom
  • Bronze: Mike Fauchoux and Sheldon Lessard.

Tommy Wong Tournament

  • Lionel Fauchoux – MXD 4.0 – BRONZE
  • Lionel Fauchoux – MXD 4.0 60+ – GOLD

USAPA Southwest Regionals

  • Brad Harding & Clarence Lindblom – MD 3.5 – GOLD
  • Harold Patterson – SINGLES 4.0 60+ – SILVER

Congratulations to All!

Our Members did us Proud in Competition Again this Week!

Leisure World – 4.0 MD – Mike and Lionel Fauchoux, Gold.

Grand Canyon State Games – 60+ 4.0 WD – Wanda Morrison, Gold. 60+ 4.0 MXD – Wanda Morrison & Mike Fauchoux, Gold. Kokopolli Klassic – 19+ 4.0 WD – Wanda Morrison, Bronze. 70+ 4.0 WD – Jacquee Ware, Gold.

Palm Creek – 4.0 60+ WD – Wanda Morrison, Bronze. 4.0 70+ WD, Jacquee Ware,Silver. 4.0 60+ MXD – Wanda Morrison & Mike Fauchoux, Gold. 4.0 70+ MXD – Jacquee Ware, Gold. 4.0 70+ MXD – Bronze, John Morrison. 4.0 60+ MD – Mike & Lionel Fauchoux, Bronze.


Pickleball/Tennis Fun Social, 2019

At last the rain stopped and the sun came out, just in time for the Pickleball/Tennis Fun Social. A big thanks goes out to all of those who worked so hard to organize this. Fun was had by all, including some of us pickleball players who had a hard time converting to tennis! Others did amazingly well for the first time.

Here are a few pictures. Since I was participating, I didn’t get very many.

Still a little cold when waiting on the deck to get started
I was fortunate to have three tennis players coaching me. They had a difficult job!

Just a few of our PB players

When it was all done, we enjoyed lunch of pizza and salad and a chance to meet new people from both clubs, on the Sports Patio.

Tennis Club President, Dick Thompson said a few words

Thanking Sue Berry and her team

A group of singers Entertained us with a Parody
Thanks to the Ladies Who Served the Lunch
It was a Hungry Crowd


The Fauchoux brothers do it again!! Mike and Lionel came away with GOLD in the 4.0 Mixed Doubles at the Leisure World tournament last week.

Wanda Morrison travelled to the Kokopelli Classic, El Mirage and
brought home a Bronze medal in the 4.0/4.5 Women’s Doubles 19+

Apologies to anyone we may have missed. If you have won medals, please let us know about it!

More Medals for our Members!

Congratulations to the following MRPB Club members for yet again, another outstanding
performance on the pickleball courts!! It is great to report these medal winners!!!

Tommy Wong Tournament – MXD 4.0 60+ – Wanda Morrison – SILVER

SSIPA Southwest Regional

WD 4.0 60-64 – Wanda Morrison – BRONZE

WD 4.0 70-74 – Jacquee Ware – BRONZE

MXD 4.0 70-74 – Jacquee Ware – GOLD

MXD 5.0 60-64 – Jim Pelletier – BRONZE