The Mesa Regal Pickleball Club is for residents of the Mesa Regal RV Park, in Mesa, Arizona.  We have 7 pickleball courts, a Board of Directors that consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member-at-Large, Committee Representatives, and Program Coordinators.

Welcome back to all our regular Pickleball Players and Welcome to all those joining us this year!

Registration for the 2018 -19 season has started and our numbers are quickly growing. A big thanks for using our new on line registration.


THANKS so much to our outgoing MRPC President, Jake Grandy, whose leadership was essential throughout the 2017/2018 season. On behalf of all the MRPC Membership, we thank you for your service on the Board. A special thanks to Pat Porter and Donita Houghton who were outgoing but nominated to continue and accepted.

Welcome to your new Mesa Regal Pickleball Club Executive Board:
Pat Porter, President, president@mrpickleballclub.com
Judy Lawless, Vice President, vicepresident@mrpickleballclub.com
Donita Houghton, Treasurer, treasurer@mrpickleballclub.com
Jacquee Ware, Secretary, clovistc@aol.com
Chuck Borcher, Member at Large, memberatlarge@mrpickleballclub.com

The MRPC Membership wants to thank all of you for your service!

Events for our 2018-2019 season:

December –  3, 4, 5th -MR Steve Judy 7th Annual Tournament /Volunteer Mixer (post MR Steve Judy 7th Annual Tournament)
January – Tennis-Pickleball Club Mixer and Pot Luck
February – Mexican Madness followed by Mexican Potluck
March – ANNUAL CLUB SOCIAL in Regal Hall, Music is booked…….
THEME is: SURFS UP (get your beach wear, surf boards, boogie boards, and yes even your hippie wear)…….
Thanks again, have a wonderful summer all…Katie


Time to start saving your empty cans to take to the MRPC recycle bin! Remember that this project helps defray our expenses.

That’s all folks…..keep positive, keep smiling and happy playing!!!!