Court Etiquette

MRPC-3We do have our seven courts organized for similar skill levels as best we can.

Courts 1 & 2 are for beginners, courts 3-5 for intermediate players and courts 6 & 7 for advanced/aggressive players. Sometimes we all play on different courts for a variety of reasons. Maybe there are fewer people on the courts or you want to work on different skills or to see if you can participate at a higher level, etc. If you find you are on a court where your skill level does not match the others, please remember we are all there for fun.

For example, when a more skilled player finds themselves on the court with less killed players, it could be recognized as a teaching moment. It really does no good for a beginner to be slammed nor a good player to take advantage of the less skilled players who may serve up a shot that is too high. A situation like this would be a good time for a better player to work on their short game and teach the lesser skilled player its advantages. As we all know, pickleball should first and foremost be fun so let’s all help each other be better players and teachers.

Thanks to all our members for making pickleball on our courts fun for everyone!!

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